• Wielding both “business” and “data” skills, you conduct projects from A to Z in order to transform our clients' businesses.
  • Our working language is English, but it's always easier when you speak the local language(s) ;)


The team

The backbone of our consulting missions, today our Data consulting team has more than 400 consultants covering all Artefact's offers (and more): data marketing, data governance, strategy consulting, product owner…

Manage projects as well as leading our business growth, the data consulting teams welcome all business and technical background joiners, who would thrive as an expert in a specific field, or a true versatile player.



As a data consultant, you will be conducting projects from A to Z to accompany the transformation of our clients’ businesses.

It will be up to you and the team will be defining the clients' needs, and the strategy or the solution to be implemented to solve their problem and meet their objectives. You will manage the implementation project of said solutions, sometimes by good old sliding, sometimes by writing a few lines of SQL codes, if you are up to it!

You will be a representative of Artefact in business proposals, but also a contributor to our business-relevant contents. The potentials are endless.


Desirable skills

In this fast-paced, fast-growing industry, the most important qualities in our eyes are intellectual curiosity, autonomy and dynamism.

You weild both “business” and “data” knowledge, with experience ideally in a digital marketing consulting firm; You already have a first understanding of digital technologies, and care to develop more in the exciting world of data and digital business

… or that's how you see yourself in the near future, contact us!


Why should you join us

  • Artefact is the place to be: come and build the future of data and marketing
  • Innovation: We have a passion for creating impacting projects, and believe innovation can come from anyone.
  • Action: We make things rather than telling people how to make them.
  • Collaboration: We believe in bringing talented people together, in winning together, and in learning from each other.

Come join us!


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Teamwork makes the dream works.

Artefact’s teams are made up of the best experts in their fields, and it’s our biggest responsibility to ensure their professional development and personal wellbeing.