Working at Artefact.


Artefact’s teams are made up of the best experts in their fields, and it’s our biggest responsibility to ensure their professional development and personal wellbeing.


Collaboration as our Value

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Communication & Collaboration are part of Artefact’s culture. You can ask for a helping hand for a project or an impromptu coaching session in the group-wide chatroom, announce a big win or a lockdown WFH meme challenge via the office’s mailing list, you name it.
Everyone is one mail, one chat, or one coffee break away.

Peer learning, peer learning everywhere.

We learn from each and everyone’s experience, who look forward to sharing what they know and are passionate about. Also, feedback is a gift readily given.
On top of your local colleagues, you’ll be in direct contact with the Chapters, our global expert communities.

“As data experts, we are the watchdogs for the ethical use of our clients’ data and its impact on society”
Hanania OUAZAN
Data Science Vice President at Artefact

All Artefact people are committed to following the 10 ethical principles that have been collectively defined in all our data projects.

Counsellor & mentorship.

Everyone will have a single mentor/counsellor who will accompany you and help you grow as an expert and an Artefactor.
They support you in finding your way in the company and in building your career.
They assist you in developing your strengths and working on your areas for improvement, and compile the feedback for our People Reviews.

Onboarding & Integration

Training & Development

Clear goals, clear development means.

All jobs have several career tracks that we develop and improve constantly based on the development of technology and the market needs. You will have a specifically designed curriculum, based on said track, giving you access to the latest and most relevant contents, to help you grow.

Every 6 months, we launch the People Reviews campaigns, not only to recapitulate your achievements of the semester, but also to evaluate your growth in terms of skills and knowledge. And a promotion, who knows?

The Data & Consulting department alone has 21 different identified tracks of expertise.

Pick your sessions.

We curate more than 1500 training and knowledge contents available for free to all our employees in our catalogue. A listing of critical certifications is also maintained for all positions for which we help you get prepared.

Each office offers a tailored training plan adapted to each market’s context and ecosystem. You’ll also be able to join global training sessions from different offices, as well as specific interventions from our technology partners to be on the edge of technologies.

Assemble: Our training sessions are rated on average 4.44/5 by our collaborators. That’s higher than the IMDB rating of the Avengers


Inclusion & Diversity

We are one team, but each of us is unique.
We try to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to “stay long and prosper” at Artefact. That means strong initiatives such as gender equality policies, inclusivity policies for employees with disabilities and from LGBT+ communities, as well as workplace wellness initiatives.

The road is long ahead. This is just a start.

Gender Equality

The initiative Women@Artefact aims to reduce the inequality between men and women within the Artefact group. We want to support our female employees succeed by developing an inclusive culture and implementing best practices within our company.

Our ambition is to recruit and to retain more women, both in Artefact’s workforce in general, but also in the Growth Tribe, our leadership team. Our target is to approach 50% of our payroll being women in 2024.


Do you know that data usage is also a source of carbon emissions?

GreenFact is Artefact’s new pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility. The GreenFact office will be responsible for federating energies and defining a two-year roadmap to reduce the Group’s carbon emissions.

Our goal is for Artefact to be a carbon emission pacesetter by implementing three low-carbon projects: Reducing CO2 emissions in our own operating model; Encouraging a responsible way of life for collaborators; and Empowering the transformation of our business partners.


Join our teams of game-changers in data and marketing transformation.


Business, Data, Digital, you master it all


You are a consultant, but with a data or digital expertise :)

Growth Tribe.

Part of the leadership team of Artefact, you contribute to our growth, in terms of strategy, organisation, business, you name it!

Open Application.

You are interested in joining our team, but did not find what you are looking for? Send us your application, and our team will contact you.

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