Unlock your business potential with data-driven SEO.

Integrated Approach to SEO & Content Marketing.

Search engines are no longer a simple index of websites – they are sophisticated answer engines. In today’s information led society, immediate gratification is expected. Organic search results represent the search engine’s best attempt to answer the user’s query.

At Artefact, we have a unique methodology in the way we approach SEO. We build SEO strategies around your business and its specific needs. We aim to align business objectives with user needs, delivering holistic solutions to successfully enter new markets, build brand presence and increase market share for our clients. Unlike chatbots, we do not Regenerate responses, we give you an operational, informed and growth-oriented organic strategy.

How we excel at SEO

Better understand the user intent through data

Our SEO campaigns encompass all areas of SEO, including technical, content and outreach. This allows us to propose SEO strategies that start with your users and their search intent. We have a comprehensive understanding of search queries of your target audience & the competitive landscape.

Global expertise with local insights

We don’t only optimise for searches on Google, we also work to boost your visibility in other search engines and ecosystems including Bing, Baidu, YouTube, Yandex, Amazon or wherever else your customers are. This becomes possible with a global network footprint of around 1,000 employees with just under 100 of these professionals directly practicing SEO – which means that we understand your market and all its nuances. We can handle accounts at a global scale, and we engage your customers with engaging creative content strategies.

Holistic approach to search marketing.

We don’t look at SEO as a channel working alone. We strive to see the bigger picture, the entire experience of the user, from their search motivations through to conversion and retention. Artefact Full Search is a data methodology and approach to address SEO and Paid Media synergy in order to improve the ROI of Paid Search and get insights to apply for Organic Search.