AI for Call Centre: Redefining the future of Customer Services with AI.

With the rise of e-commerce, ensuring a high-quality customer service is becoming a key challenge for enterprises.

In this context, contact centres play an increasingly strategic role.

Contact centers represent a significant weight on businesses — up to 7% of operational costs for a CAC 40 company.

However, only 8% (source: “Closing the delivery gap” – Bain) of customers think they receive a superior quality service by calling a service center.

3 AI-powered solutions

Artefact is building the call centers of the future: 3 AI-powered solutions for 3 benefits

Ensure ensure a better level of customer satisfaction throughout the call centre chain

Coach each of your agents with personalised insights to improve the quality of service

We work with you to automate low added-value requests to focus on more complex tasks

Michel TOURNIÉ – Digital and Data Projects Lead, MAIF

Client Case: Speech Analytics solution with MAIF – INSURANCE COMPANY


“Artefact developed Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to understand customer call topics. It helped us identify new selfcare functionalities to develop on the MAIF website. Thanks to this, we obtained good insights of what our customers really need through the analysis of their calls.”

Key benefits:

1.3M calls (20%) calls identified as avoidable because they are low added-value requests for the agents.
– +15 new online features to be integrated in the selfcare roadmap that answer these low added value requests.

SPEECH ANALYTICS: Generate actionable business insights from your call records

We help you analyse customer or agent conversations to understand why calls are being generated. We then recommend processes and structures to minimise these. What we offer:

Reasons for contact: We understand why customers are reaching out to your contact centres and anticipate their needs.

Customer Satisfaction: We measure customer satisfaction and identify and address the root causes of dissatisfaction to prevent it.

Quality Monitoring: We assess agent performance in order to help them improve their quality of service.


Avoid up to 20% of calls by addressing new customer needs with more than 15 new online features identified from customer call insights.

AI COACH: Help your agents in real-time with a voice-based assistant

Customer request Diagnosis: Reduce the time needed by your agents to identify customer issuers.

Script walkthrough: Make sure the agent follows the correct contextualised resolution pattern.

Information retrieval: Automatically display the information requested by the customer.


+10% of first call resolution rate (Artefact client Average).

Automated support: automate first level support and pre-qualify complex requests.

Qualify customer request: Replace the traditional IVR systems to welcome customers and qualify inbound requests.

Answer simple requests: Automate the 1st level of support for all low-value requests.

Route the request to the best available agent: Identify and route the more complex requests to the most appropriate agents.