AI for Private Equity firms to optimise the due diligence process and create value out of their assets.

We offer an end-to-end portfolio of Private Equity (PE) services — and use our superior data science and marketing automation skills to deliver in minimum time.

At Λrtefact, we know that ‘time is money’ in the Private Equity sector — which is why we are dedicated to helping PE firms complete the due diligence process quickly and easily.

Solving the business challenges that many private equity firms face, we have developed a package of PE solutions to help them manage their portfolios throughout their life cycles.

Our solutions can also be applied modularly to help companies navigate every stage their acquisition, merger and development processes.

Our data-driven private equity package contains pre-set analyses.

Our data solutions help rationalise the decision-making process in an accurate and reliable way. Our data marketing solutions include:

  • Market trends detection and forecasting

  • Digital maturity assessment

  • On-site performance

  • In-depth SEO/SEA performance analysis

  • Product range and price competitive positioning

Market trends detection and forecasting.

We deep-dive into social network signals (with proprietary Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram scrapers) — and our algorithms detect the trends that are most likely to impact the market or specific competitors in the future.

We do this by analysing:

Historical trends on specific topics, and how they have evolved.

The evolution of the mix of consumers (sub-segments) or influencers engaged in conversations on relevant topics.

The distribution of conversations per sub-issue/ product category and how they have evolved.

The share of voice of specific companies/brands/ issues and consumer sentiment relative to it.

– Using internal sales data, we identify untapped pockets of growth for client segments and products and unlock them with Data/AI use cases.

Data-driven strategy for PE

Digital maturity assessment

We evaluate digital maturity around six core dimensions: Strategy relevance; Technical capabilities and tools; Content; Social and Display; SEO; CRM.

This lets us assess the key competitive advantages of the company in the current or prospective markets and identify where untapped assets can be unlocked and monetised.

Our proprietary analysis framework lets us leverage the expertise of our inhouse specialists and access factual data collected through landmark market solutions, such as Similar Web, SEM Rush, Woorank, PageSpeedInsights, Wappalyzer and Ghostery.

We access an asset’s media accounts (DSP, Amazon DSP, Facebook Ads Manager, Amazon Sponsored Ads, Google Ads/SA 360), to bring additional and more granular insights on all paid media investments and opportunities and increase a campaign’s ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

We analyse the Martech/Adtech tool ecosystem and its level of integration (CRM onboarding, DMP/ CDP implementation, Analytics data collection) to assess the current overall performance and recommend structural optimisations.

We compare the Marketing Mix to the competition/our sectorial benchmarks and recommend budget optimisations.

Consumer profiling and CRM animation

We leverage landmark third-party consumer panels (e.g. Simm-TGI) and our in-house strategic planners to segment target customers.

We can identify: current consumers, high potential prospects, numbers in market, and growth potential (in terms of reach).

We analyse CRM campaign strategy (typically, six months of top priority KPIs, such as Open Rate, Click Rate, Landing Rate, Conversion Rate, Revenue) to identify improvement areas and determine how much EBITDA can be reached by improving audience targeting.

In-depth SEO/SEA performance.

We assess the competitive positioning, strengths and weaknesses of all key players in the SEO and SEA arena, using our proprietary scraping, weighting and ranking methodologies.

We evaluate the SEA and SEO positioning of the TOP 100 keywords (using SEM Rush, and the company’s search console and Google Ads account).

We analyse the profitability of each of the TOP 100 SEA keywords (with Google Ads / SA360 account) and identify possible optimisations.

We evaluate synergy opportunities and cannibalisation areas between top 100 SEO and SEA keywords.

On-site performance.

We evaluate on-site performance (by accessing the asset’s Analytics tool) on top priority KPIs (Mobile and Web conversion rates) to pinpoint the most impactful breaking points in the consumer journeys and propose remediation strategies.

Product range and price competitive positioning.

We use web-scraping technologies to analyse company assets and key competitors’ online product catalogues, assessing everything from width, depth, structure and coverage of key consumers, to promotional intensity and pricing strategy.