AI is the new source of business innovation: technology needs to facilitate fast changes.


Machine Learning is the power engine of fast and efficient business transformation.

Our engineers build tech-agnostic solutions, combining custom code with open source and proprietary software (backed by strong partnerships with leading Technology and Cloud providers) to create exactly what you need for your data transformation.

We take full advantage of the open source ecosystem to provide adaptable and scalable solutions.

We also ensure transparency, security and ease of integration with no lock-in effect. This means that our solutions are owned and operated by our clients.

However, this open source ecosystem is also something we participate in. We contribute to the projects we use, and, through our ARTEFACTORY, make our solutions available to the community.


We create a trustful environment for everyone so that value and trust go hand in hand.

Data and AI raise ethical issues that must be addressed at the highest professional standards. As one of the leading global players in data services, we have defined 10 principles that guide our commitment to proactive ethical behaviour, at each step where we process data.

Generative AI

Generative AI will have a far-reaching and massive effect on people’s daily tasks, significantly improving productivity. A new wave of Generative AI players has also emerged, expanding the GenAI offerings available on the market. At Artefact, we believe there are key Generative AI categories of solutions that enterprises should follow in the near future.

Data Science

Data Science is a challenging field, with ever evolving methodologies and technological advancements. Our highly skilled and motivated Data Science team helps you solve your most challenging problems with a unique collaboration methodology and a ‘product first’ mindset.


Our MLOps methodology delivers scalable AI models quickly and effectively. It helps companies seamlessly industrialise and scale their AI products. Our MLOps model is based on a solid ecosystem, and we apply the same processes for every AI project we deliver, from POC to product deployment.

Data Platform

Data platforms are meant for data activation and fast business value. We design them to accelerate the integration of all your first, second and third party datas, to operate, maintain, scale your data platforms and make them evolve with your data and business usages.

Artefact School of Data

We guarantee the business continuity and adoption of our technology solutions thanks to dedicated training content. We believe in upskilling our clients. Our approach is to accompany our clients, so they can internalise as much of the key skills as possible.


We are tech-agnostic, working with all Clouds, hybrid and on-premise client infrastructures.

We create value through data and accelerate business transformation.


An open source platform of AI enablers for faster productivity.

Today we have more than 30 AI enablers (Software Development Kit) available, based on packaged best-in-class open source technologies coming from existing libraries and automatised frameworks for industrialisation.


Artefact is a certified partner of the biggest Cloud providers.

We help our clients address complex digital projects rom end-to-end, from idea creation to project management and operation.

We know that innovation doesn’t happen by chance, which is why we build feature teams of different skillsets.

In our teams, AI Innovation, Data Science and Digital Expertise work side by side.