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Chinese business leaders visited Artefact France

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On 12 Dec 2018, Artefact Global office in France has welcomed a group of honoured Chinese delegations from Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Community Business College to discuss the topic on trends and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business transformation.

The delegation group includes 20 members of Executive MBA (EMBA) program of the three universities, who are business leaders in the industries ranging from real estate, technology, chemistry, investment, Internet, Bank to Education etc. Artefact is one of the key stops during their trip to Europe.

During the visit, Artefact pointed out that France has great strength in AI as the country is a hub of AI labs of the U.S. and big global brands. Next, using award-winning Artefact case studies, Vincent Luciani, Co-Founder & Global COO and Cyril Fekete, Consulting Partner elaborated three main applications of AI in business transformation. In the end, an engaging Q&A session has brought the event to a climax.

“We were quite happy and excited to see that start-up like artefact are so in advanced in AI and excited by the opportunity of a joint collaboration”, comment by one of the delegations.

“I really enjoyed the delegation excitement for our advanced AI cases and their direct business benefits. I am happy this event paved the way to a collaboration that should shortly contribute to building AI-based success stories” said Cyril Fekete, Consulting Partner of Artefact.

In China, Artefact also provided Consulting services in AI, which firmly supported by Artefact global office in France in terms of resources in experts, knowledge, experience and technology, along with a local Consulting team of 10 based in China and Hong Kong. With close collaboration between teams in two countries, Artefact is confident to help more and more clients on their challenges in AI and data.

If you are interested in the topic of AI-powered digital marketing or would just like to visit the office of Artefact, one of the most innovative companies in France, please register for our next digital marketing event in China or Hong Kong or Singapore in 2019 by emailing or just leave a message in our WeChat account. Limited seats only, so early registration is essential!

Lulu Wang, Marketing Associate