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Artefact, from our staff's perspective

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With the goal to understand how every team member in Artefact China perceived the company, we hosted a fun survey among all staff to check in on their perception of our company positioning and core strengths.

Graph 1. Result of question 1 of the questionnaire


In the survey, we asked the questions “what are the top 3 words you think best describe our company today?” and provided 7 options. In the end, the top 3 answers are “customer-centric”, “data-driven” and “digital first” (see graph 1 above).

When asked to elaborate further on their choice of the top 3 descriptions, we could further spot some trends. On the surface, everyone’s feedbacks seem to come from different perspectives due to their different expertise and functions, but their messages were quite consistent.

1.Must be written by a copywriter

Data-driven – “In the information age, not being lost in huge data is my life creed. Finding the pain points of clients based on massive data is the smartest and most efficient solution for both us and our clients. Not only that, but we are also infiltrating this concept in our daily work. Hope it is the word best describes our company. Let’s feel the beauty of Artefact rationality in countless emotional descriptions.”


2. Must be written by an experienced account 

Collaborative – “Teamwork is very important. You cannot work on a project alone.”


3. This person understands not only data but also clients

Data-driven – “We specialize in providing professional guidance based on data for our clients. With the support of data, our guidance is rational and objective, and it is also worthy of our customers’ trust.”


4. Must be written by a media specialist

Customer-centric – “Through cutting-edge technology, we use data to understand the media behavior of consumers. Furthermore, we can accurately understand the media usage habits of consumers. We actually know consumers better than themselves.”


5. Have no idea who wrote this

Digital first – “We use innovative digital technology to solve traditional business problems.”


6. Must be written by a data consultant

Data-driven – “Data is very strong supporting element that leads all our marketing solutions.”


7. Yes we are

Agile and flexible – “We are always agile and flexible in this quick changing market. We stay open-minded to all the changes and remain curious about all the developments.”


8. You must have worked in Artefact for more than 5 years

Customer-centric – “Customer-centricity is what drives us to deliver data-driven, precise targeting, and digitally engaging marketing solutions to businesses.”


9. Very brave to challenge the status quo 

Customer-centric – “We use data to challenge marketing decisions to put consumer at the heart of brands. Data is an enabler.”


10. One world, One dream

Open culture – “We work in open space and come from different cultures.”


In the end…

To echo our first and most important company value, EMPATHY, we value our co-worker’s feelings first. Through this fun exercise, we are happy to have heard the voice of our team and to know that we are on the same page in terms of consistent messaging.


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Artefact is a digital agency built on the perfect union of marketers and engineers. With 25+ offices across 19 countries and 1000+ employees, the agency offers an integrated service covering Marketing, Consulting and Technologies. Artefact China’s mission is to make clients and their brands win by improving their marketing decisions. To accomplish that, the agency helps clients in 7 key areas enabled by data, including Media/Precision Marketing, Social 3.0/SCRM, E-Commerce, Creative/Branding, Demand Predictions, Big Data Environment & Advanced Analytics, and Data Strategy Governance & Talents Model.

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