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Artefact and Carrefour China : Killing 5 Myths on Data and Marketing

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Is it true that Machine Learning is a magic tool that when you pour in data, the result will come out automatically? Or is it true that if your data is of poor quality, you’re screwed?

Julien Oet, Senior Director, Sales Development and Pricing of Carrefour China and our very own Edouard de Mézerac, Managing Partner, Artefact APAC, revealed 5 myths on data and marketing in last March 28’s Digital 360 Festival through a joint presentation.

Edouard and Julien giving the presentation

This renowned festival is hosted every year since 2013 by recognized industry media Campaign Asia. This year, the event gathered over 300 professionals in media, marketing and advertising to address the most crucial topics affecting the digital marketing industry in China, with a focus on the topic of “making your digital transformation customer-centric”.

In the presentation, the two speakers shared some real lessons they learned on how first-party data can be used to build smarter consumer segments, and how to overcome real-life challenges (data silos, data quality, among others). The killer presentation was based on the ongoing project that Artefact and Carrefour China are working on together to breakdown the French hypermarket’s data silos.


“The biggest myth around data marketing right now is the fact that you just pour in your own data inside using machine learning techniques and everything will work out and you will have great insight. Actually, it is not that easy. You need to start from your own business, your own business team and your own business knowledge”, Julien Oet describes in a short interview by Campaign Asia after the session. To watch the full interview of Julien, click here.


Edouard de Mezerac talks about the ideal ratio of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts to hire for a new data marketing team in the post-interview.“Having only data scientists does not work. Each data scientist, based on our experience, usually have at least 2 data engineers and 1 or 2 data analysts, and the most important thing is to have people who are able to make connections between business and data, who are respected by the decision makers and understand the dimensions of the challenges on data.” To watch the full interview of Edouard, click here.

If you would like to know more about the 5 myths about data and marketing and how we can help break down the silos in your company, send us a private message and let’s have a chat.


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Lulu Wang, Marketing Associate