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Smart Physical Retail


Smart physical retail

#Data driven customer experience

As the retail industry is evolving with changing customer’s habits and the introduction of digital technologies, IoT devices are reshaping the retail landscape.

We help our clients focus on customer experience with deep knowledge and analysis of the current trends, price-competitive integrations and easy-to-maintain components.

Innovative retail experiences

#Data driven customer experience

At Artefact we take great pride in designing innovating retail experiences based on data and intelligence for our clients. Thanks to our disruptive approach we help our clients create impactful mechanisms to optimise their ROI and improve their customer knowledge significantly.

Improving the customer experience

#Data driven customer experience

From smart buttons and asset tracking to transport condition monitoring, we work with our clients to identify the best use cases for their needs, conduct the proof-of-concepts, manage the relationship with third party solution providers and finally help them to improve their customer experience with IoT powered data.