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Marketing & Advertising Technologies


Marketing & Advertising Technologies

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In the omni-channel era, Marketing Technologies (MarTech) and Advertising Technologies (AdTech) are the key building blocks of any Marketer’s strategy. They are now in what Gartner describes as the Slope of Enlightenment. No excuse for not leveraging them!

Through a packaged three-step approach, we support Marketers from all types of industries — from CPGs to Retailers through Luxury to Financial Services — in their quest for mastering their operations through better control of their data.

Business vision & use cases

#Data agency

First, we help them design the business vision, generate killer use cases and identify both quick-wins and mid-term wins through benchmarks and operational workshops with business teams. We are experienced and prioritize them according to the industries and clients. For retailers, they are frequency-oriented. They leverage navigational behaviors for personalizing email targeting in the context of welcome processes, reactivation of dormant clients, momentum campaigns, etc. In the Hotel or CPG industries, they are related to client acquisition media efficiency and leverage historical navigational traffic or 3rd party data. In the Insurance, Telco and Energy industries they deal with attrition anticipation and cross-sell through omni-channel journeys triggered by clustered CRM-audiences

Target architecture, tools and implementation

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Second, alongside technical teams, we determine the target architecture, necessary tools and integrations and select these tools through robust and comprehensive RFP processes including technical providers according to the clients needs. We are agnostic and have deep knowledge of individual providers and have partnered with all leaders and innovators amongst them.

Third, we help IT teams implement these tools, we configure them and train business teams to use them. Transformation is our DNA and our methodology is a mix of theoretical training sessions and pragmatic use-case implementation enabling learning by doing.



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