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DataLake Infrastructure design and deployment


DataLake Infrastructure design and deployment

#Data transformation

We believe that your infrastructure should be an accelerator, not a bottleneck.

Standard IT procurement and deployment procedures don’t always meet the requirements of experimental or rapidly-evolving business use cases. At worst, with high upfront costs, long lead times, and rigid policies and processes, traditional on-premise infrastructures can severely impact the profitability of innovative use cases, or even cancel it out entirely.

Cloud computing

#Data transformation

We believe that firms need modern tools and processes to meet modern business requirements, without starting from scratch or neglecting existing IT investments. We provide the means and knowledge to help your firm take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, tieing them with your existing on-premise resources, to adjust to a more agile way of thinking about infrastructure. We can help you design, implement and launch data infrastructure in days, not months, and ensure you choose the right tools and technologies, whilst controlling your costs, and without sacrificing security or control.


Cloud experts and partners

#Data transformation

We are experts and partners with all major cloud providers (GCP, Azure, AWS, IBM, etc.), understanding both the philosophy and the technology behind their offerings, in order to help our clients find the technology that is the best fit for their business.



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